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Vivian Velez Rudy Farinas Betamax Scandal Hit

Vivian Velez Rudy Farinas Betamax Scandal Hit

Vivian Velez and Rudy Farinas are two prominent names in Philippine showbiz and politics. Velez is a veteran actress who starred in several movies and TV shows since the 1970s. Farinas is a congressman who served as the majority leader of the House of Representatives from 2016 to 2018. But before they became famous in their respective fields, they were involved in a scandalous affair that rocked the nation in the 1980s.

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The scandal was triggered by a Betamax tape that allegedly showed Velez and Farinas having sex. Betamax was a video format that was popular in the Philippines before the advent of VHS and DVD. The tape was reportedly stolen from Farinas' house by his former driver, who then sold it to a tabloid reporter. The reporter then leaked the tape to the public, causing a media frenzy and a legal battle.

Velez and Farinas denied that they were the ones in the tape, claiming that it was a fake or a look-alike. They also sued the reporter and the tabloid for libel and invasion of privacy. However, many people believed that the tape was authentic, as it showed the physical resemblance and distinctive marks of the couple. The scandal tarnished their reputations and careers, as they faced public ridicule and criticism.

The scandal also affected their personal lives, as they both had other partners at the time. Farinas was married to Maria Teresa Carlson, a former beauty queen and actress who later committed suicide in 2001. Velez was dating another actor, Eddie Garcia, who broke up with her after the scandal. Velez and Farinas eventually ended their affair and went their separate ways.

The scandal faded from the public memory as time passed, but it resurfaced in 2017 when Farinas became one of the lead prosecutors in the impeachment trial of then Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno. A YouTube video titled "Fariñas-Velez Scandal" was uploaded by a user named "Pinoy News", which showed clips from the Betamax tape and news reports about the scandal. The video gained over 2 million views and sparked renewed interest and curiosity about the scandal.

The scandal remains one of the most sensational and controversial episodes in Philippine showbiz and politics history. It also serves as a reminder of how technology can expose and exploit the private lives of public figures, and how the public can react to such revelations.


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